2024-04-28 Use GUI Programs in Incus Container
2024-04-27 Mount Shared Directories in Incus
2024-02-29 Install Incus on Nixos
2024-02-29 Make Bash Prettier on NixOS
2024-01-03 Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity Issues in Virtual Machines (VMs) and Docker Containers
2023-12-22 LUKS Encryption
2023-07-14 Linux From Scratch: Reasons You Should and Should Not Use It
2023-06-24 Nix Shells: What they are and how to use them
2023-06-24 Enable Bluetooth in Nixos
2023-06-18 Nix Flakes - A Way to Manage Nix Projects
2023-06-18 nix-shell Explained
2023-04-29 Reduce Size of Initramfs
2023-01-04 psql: FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user
2022-08-25 Program crashes when built with Clang but runs when built with GCC
2022-08-24 Display Progress in nix-env
2022-08-24 Search Packages in Nix
2022-08-24 Display Package Icons Installed by Nix in Launcher
2022-08-02 Stream Audio From YouTube Video with mpv
2022-08-01 Change Nameserver using NetworkManager
2022-07-09 Do Not Install Recommended Packages with APT
2022-06-15 Install Code Server on Artix
2022-05-04 Install GTK2 Libraries on Gentoo
2022-04-22 Install Arch Linux in Virtual Machine (KVM/QEMU)
2022-04-18 Install Virt Manager in Debian
2022-03-17 Ethernet Does Not Work in Linux
2022-03-17 Fix Headset Microphone Issue in Linux
2022-02-19 Set up an NFS Server on Devuan
2022-02-10 Cannot start X Server on Gentoo
2022-02-10 Share files between your phone and laptop
2021-11-10 Change DPI in Linux using command line
2021-08-05 Copy Sparse Files
2021-06-24 Cannot use networking in Arch KVM guest
2021-03-03 Use Brightness and Volume Keys in Dwm
2021-03-03 Enable Tap to Click and Other Features in Linux
2021-03-03 virt-manager Fails to Connect to System QEMU/KVM
2021-02-23 Install code-server on Android
2021-02-18 Check Size of a Github Repo
2021-02-14 I am a Linux user and I have to use Windows for some reason
2020-10-25 Install and Configure Arch Linux in WSL/WSL2 with GUI
2020-10-20 When pacman says "error: required key missing from keyring"
2020-09-09 Trying to Boot Lands You to GRUB Rescue
2020-04-19 Install Deepin Desktop Environment (dde) in Manjaro