You’re probably here because you took fancy to the beauty of dde and want to try it.

Installing dde on Manjaro shouldn’t really be much of an issue as long as Arch supports it.

Now open a terminal and make sure you have the latest and the greatest of Manjaro:

sudo pacman -Syu

Next, we install deepin group and optionally deepin-extra if you want.

sudo pacman -S deepin 

Or if you want a more complete desktop environment, enter:

sudo pacman -S deepin deepin-extra 

This should get us covered.

Additionally, I found a nasty bug that locks you out of Deepin desktop environment once you have logged into it and locked your computer. Apparently it is an issue related to keyboard layouts. Adding English US to my keyboard layout and using that to log in seemed to fix the issue. To add English US to your layout, go to Control Center > Keyboard and Language > Keyboard Layout > Add Keyboard Layout > English (US).

For more information regarding the installatiom of Deepin desktop environment, consult the Arch wiki or the Manjaro wiki.

End result:

Screenshot of Deepin desktop environment on Manjaro